When The Little Monster Left

I used to be really, really angry. Like ‘I-want-to-cause-the-entire-world-to-burn’ and actually meaning it angry. I used to have a silver-quick spark. I used to rage angry for long periods of time at the slightest provocation. I used to rush quickly to take offense. I definitely, looking back on it now, probably did not help myself in several of my minimum wage jobs I had had in high school. Frankly, I remained permanently angry, all the time in high school.

Oh, back then, I never thought I was permanently angry. It never occurred to me that my perpetual gnawing of anger in my belly, was not healthy or normal. If I ever thought of the anger that hanged around me like a red-tinged miasma, I focussed on shoving it back into the deepest, darkest corner of my gut. It never seemed abnormal to me. Wasn’t everyone perpetually angry?

And, because it…

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