Could Life be More Than Pain?

Don't Lose Hope

Life is pain. Anyone who says differently is selling something.” – The Princess Bride

I wonder if, perhaps, you have ever felt that way.

My guess is that you have – and especially if you’ve suffered.

And perhaps you’ve also noticed – when we’re in that desperate place – that we tend to start believing very dark and hopeless things like:

“Nothing will ever change.”

“The other shoe is bound to drop.”

“There’s no-one you can trust.”

“In the end, it all goes wrong.”

And yet … and yet …

On those days when we areable to hold onto our hope,

Perhaps we can believe there still is beauty in the world.

We see it in a sunrise. In a snowy winter scene.

When we smell fresh roasted coffee.

When we hear a favourite song.

It’s true that pain and sorrow can keep us trapped inside, when the…

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