What the heck!? Shingles Vaccine #2

My Life at Mid-Point

6 Myths About Shingles You Still Believe | Prevention

Of all the first-world, middle-class complaints this is the first-world, middle-class complaintiest.

I received my second dose of the Shingles vaccine yesterday. I felt fine all day until around 9pm, then I started to get chills (they’re multiplying) and feeling hot and achy at the same time. I felt awful, if i hadnt heard about possible side-effects of the vaccine i would have been sure I had Covid.

I went to bed, did the crossword puzzle (woke up this morning with no memory of having completed it) and spent the night tossing and turning wondering why I hadn’t known that the Russian change in society and language would affect the operation of my company…i know, it makes no sense to me either.

At around 4am i started coming out of it and managed to eke out a few hours of sleep.

In another example of irrelevancy in middle-age; I am…

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