What’s Happening Now


Staying positive has been challenging for me—not only from relocating twice during the Pandemic, mourning the loss of my home for thirty-nine years, and feeling like an alien in an alien world.

There is also this general unrest that underlies everything.  For example, last week there were government trucks and big vans and so many men in uniforms moving about in two large parking lots.  one of those was for the trail I walk every day unless it’s raining.

I parked my car at the beginning of that parking lot, blocking the way, and walked over to a guy who was also wearing a mask.  I asked him what was happening.   His response “routine practice.” For what?  he didn’t say.

So I went to the library to make photocopies for my ongoing war with Suddenlink internet service, and asked the librarians, “What’s up with the government vehicles in town?”  They…

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