Just because someone carries it well doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy.

Lauren's World!

A Rumination:

Intimidation; Deterrence; Pressure; Entrapped; Importance; Authority; Dominance.

There are people struggling with all that goes unnoticed. The thing about kindness is that we rarely realise the impact it has on someone who truly needs it. People who are now imperfect-perfect examples of suicide probably deserved an Oscar for their everyday performance – after all, depression is an invisible illness.

If we pay our bills on time; if we get dressed and go to work; if we fake smile; if we actively post on social media; if we hide our difficulties well enough, if we can carry the weight of the world on our shoulders and pretend as though it’s not chaining us to the ground – then nobody will suspect we’re really in need of their kindness or help…

Private people have mastered the art of telling you little about themselves in a way that makes it…

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