Break Open & See

Self Care & Mental Health

I wish I could break open my heart, mind, and imagination!

It’s a beautiful, vibrant, and chaotic place.

Some moments, it’s raining to wash away my frustration.

Sometimes, it’s quiet and subtle. I’m meditating.

Other times, I am running through a wide open field… Blossoming flowers all around me … Like the scene in “The Sound of Music”.

You’d find me, on my knees… watching bees save the human race…

You’d find me crying because he was just jumped in a parking lot.

You’d taste the sweetest kisses I get from loved ones!

Moments of rage would creep in, words of injustice and demands of change would flow into my blog.

You’d see the beauty in ALL people… You’d feel that love you have for the underdog.

Moments of uncontrollable grief,…. Because trees are being cut, animals are being ran out of their homes, this earth is dying!

You’d notice…

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