Life after Trauma

Don't Lose Hope

What Trauma Does to You

You turn into a person you don’t recognize, acting in ways you never thought you would act, feeling things you never felt before.

You feel like you’re a foreigner in your own body. You have anxiety attacks. You wake up in a panic. You feel intense emotions at unexpected things.

You’re triggered unexpectedly, and constantly.

Even though you may find your old self again, trauma permanently changes you.

You lose your optimism, and can’t believe you’ll ever recover and enjoy your life again.

You lose your faith in humanity. You start to think anyone could hurt and harm another … no matter who it is, or how wonderful they seem.

You lose your sense of humour – at least for a while.

Things People don’t ‘get’ about Trauma

You don’t just deal with it, and move on. Everything within you resists recovery – because your…

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