Work with your Doctor.

Beginner's Guide to Epilepsy

Your doctor is there to help you.

There are problems in our lives and with every problem there is a solution to it. Also, there are certain problems to which solutions don’t come easy. But, that doesn’t mean it is unsolvable. That is when we seek support of professionals. For example, if we have legal problems we go to a lawyer, finance problem we go to a CA and likewise.

Similarly, when we have health problems we approach a doctor who diagnoses, treats and prescribes medicines for the ailment. Now there are certain illnesses which simply take hours or days to get better and there are illnesses which can take years to become better. But that doesn’t mean they are any different, they are both illnesses but differ only in the treatment duration. They are both harming the mind, body and soul. Only, one is a short term while the…

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