How Autistic People Hear the World: auditory chaos and the search for silence

Autistic Science Person

Disclaimer: I am not Deaf or part of the Deaf community. Please absolutely defer to Deaf people in regards to the filmand how it portrays Deafness and Deaf culture. That is not the focus of my post here. Deaf/HoH people, please let me know if any of my terminology is incorrect or needs to be updated and I will do so.

I just watched the movie Sound of Metal and it is by far the most relatable experience of my hyperacusis and auditory sensitivity that I have ever seen and heard on film.

Although there are a lot of “sensory overload simulations” to try and mimic autistic people’s sensory experiences, it is often difficult for people without sensory processing differences to relate to people who have them. It is hard for people without auditory sensitivity or hyperacusis to understand our auditory experience. Often, a 10-minute or even 30-minute video…

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