Insomnia and the Sleep Junkie

Jaime Stenning - a life uncut

Pretty much everyone with any type of mental health issue is going to have had sleep issues at some point.

You either can’t sleep or can’t wake up. It’s a nightmare and a vicious cycle that you need to break free from.

Firstly I’ll talk about insomnia. Anyone on the bipolar spectrum suffers from insomnia. When you’re high you’ll be getting a maximum of four hours sleep, probably less and probably of horrendous quality because of f’d up dreams.

So how do you fight it? Well, the meds should help get you to sleep. I take quetiapine and after taking my nightly tablet I can range from getting totally wiped out and asleep in 30 minutes to lying awake for five hours tossing and turning.

The key with insomnia is breaking the cycle. You’ll be tired but you have to try and keep a consistent sleep pattern. Wind down an…

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