Hear me more, says your body

Soul talks

Least you talk, the more you harm your mental health. Talking is not only the art of letting out your emotions but also the way to vent your sentiments.

Studies have proved that Introverts are more susceptible to ill mental health as they suppress their feelings and gulp it out. But any form of extra pressure is meant to create a dent or an escape.
This sudden rapture of mental health is sure to wary once mental hygiene.

Crying of a baby is a way to express her feeling of unease, physical pain or a thirst. Since it’s not possible to communicate verbally hence the manifestation.
But we as an adult can prattle our emotions undoubtedly. Then why the silence? The silence that kills your voice evoking the devil within you.
Speak your mind, seek advice, seek help, share your problems and debug your mind and body.

Extroverts find their…

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