January 5th & 6th, 2021

Food For Thought

January 5th, 2021

I’m still having issues trying to sleep….maybe it’s the hunger pains or maybe I just can’t seem to shut my brain off. I stepped on the scale and noticed that I had maintained the same weight as yesterday which set the tone for the day.

I had the entire building to myself and decided to dress comfortably (leggings, oversized shirt, Vans and no makeup). Unfortunately, this meant that I had zero motivation to do anything for the first half of the day. Eventually, I built up enough momentum around noon that I was practically running around trying to accomplish as many items on my to-do list as possible. According to my Fitbit, I crushed 9,000 steps and because I was so busy…I only had two cups of coffee and a diet coke to get me through the day.

On my way home from work, tunnel vision hit…

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