Don’t Stop!

Enlightened Thoughts

I must admit that, at times, I get a little agitated when I put my all in keep others uplifting and there is that “select few” who wants to mock what I do. As a matter of fact, that “select few”, mocks anyone who is trying to make a positive difference in this world. If you are one who loves to uplift others, perhaps you have run into this issue as well. The “select few” loves to claim that we like to “preach” or “tell others what to do.” Well to those who uplift along with me, I encourage you to DON’T STOP. The “select few” are battling with demons that don’t like our “light.” The “select few” wants the world on their side so they will do all that they can and say all they can say to accomplish that. The “select few” doesn’t want to go for anything…

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