when the romance to me, is at it’s peak

. . .

a million hearts in the sky,
wrapping you and me,
in a silhouette,
i’ll name after your

oh baby,
touch me places,
let my tongue,
caress you all across,
until our love,
is heard moaning,
through these lonely nights.

oh poems and ballads,
songs and melodies,
all for you,
for oh i’m in love,
at the thought,
of how beautifully,
you were born.

oh let me fill your crevices,
with my romantic verses,
only to feel your warm breath,
whispering against my chest.

oh baby,
let’s dance,
as tonight,
we will be one,
for i’ll plant my seed,
inside you,
only to make you mine,

oh love,
let’s spend the night as one,
for it feels at home,
like it never has,
for i have all i want,
breathing right against me,
and oh i fell in love,
with you,
over again,
for my love,
you’re beautiful,

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