Just Three Things

The Spastic Diplege

I’ve said before that I’m hardly the face or poster person of cerebral palsy. Just here to tell parts of my story, not presume anything about anyone else’s. However, my twenty-something years of lived experiences with a disability gives me some authority on the subject.

When I was younger I thought I was invincible. If I fell over, no problem. Slipped, tripped, no big deal. In retrospect, I thought my disability would “stay the same” since it’s technically not degenerative. I didn’t get “worse” but certain symptoms and attributes related to CP did. As I got older, my muscles got tighter, were less flexible. Felt very stiff. Fear crept in like a rising tide. I started to be afraid. Afraid of falling, crossing the street or even walking down the sidewalk. That being said, here’s some humble advice I’d like to pass along, especially to someone who’s also disabled and…

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