30 Years Letter

Luminous Destiny

Dear 2020 version Nova:

Time goes so fast, doesn’t it? It’s been five years since you’ve hit your 30’s; and, it’s not slowing down.

I’m so proud of you! You’ve achieved some super badass goals. Not only, have you gone through a pregnancy without family support; but also, you’ve mothered both daughters the best you could. You’ve even cried at night, frustrated when you harshly reacted.

Though you’ve had some set backs, you’ve continued to grow, always getting back up and trying again. You’ve over come fear of driving. You’ve built your financial situation to a healthier level. You’ve managed to meet the expectations of the county driving laws. You crawled your way out of the darkness with an ex. You’ve planted your roots as a blogger. You’ve taken steps to improve your health. You’ve, also, spent time identifying who you are.

I remember when you were chained to fear…

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