The Other Leslie Noyes

Praying for Eyebrowz

The Noyes surname isn’t exactly a common one, at least not in the Texas panhandle where I was raised. And my given name, Leslie, has never once been featured in the top ten baby names for infant girls. Trust me, I checked. So, when I came across a Leslie Noyes on Facebook, my first thought was, “Is that me?”

But since I go by Leslie Hall Noyes on Facebook, I realized it must be some other awesome person with my name. And I was right! The other Leslie Noyes is incredibly awesome.

For many months we kind of danced around each other on Facebook, trading niceties and observations. I was so relieved to discover that the other Leslie Noyes and I shared progressive political views. After becoming better acquainted we also discovered we shared a birth year and a convergence of important dates. My anniversary and her birthday fall on…

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