The Deadlock 2020

Soul talks

Yes, the year has been ended and we find no joy to count on. The turbulence of disasters hit the mankind and the Universe.
Departed souls across the globe due to the pandemic spread has been the devastating experience of this year.
Struggles of life and death for the snug of the breath witnessed the colossal catastrophe.

Certainly, this is the year of litmus test of our mental health hygiene.
Strongest survived and the weakest was knocked down, not by the staggering knives but by his ill mental health.
How very well Charles Darwin’s theory has been proved after years?

Sustainable lives surfaced and the weaker struggled to death.
Is it an alarm to strengthen our mental health?
Stay away from the nocturnal intoxications?
Away from mundane pleasures?
The modernisation of the mind and body?
Do we need to strategize our soul to sync with the sacred deeds?

A big…

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