Mom and Dad separated when I was 9, See the impact it had on me when I was 19

Dopamine Writes 🖊️🖊️


Mary was the only daughter of Mr and Mrs Kent. She lived a life filled with splendour and glamour from birth until her 9th birthday. One that was meant to be memorable turned out to be a disaster. On the eve of her birthday, Mary overheard some fainty sounds from her parents room but couldn’t really understand what that meant. Few hours to the end of her birthday party the next day, the news of her parents plan to divorce was broken to her.

Mary devasted by this news on a happy day turned sad walked away quitely sobbing. Lots of thoughts flowing through her head like: “why??”, “Am I the reason for their separation??”. She needed answers to her indept thoughts but couldn’t get any.

Now living with her dad who won her custody and without the care of her mum who she had most of her private…

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