A hand to hold

Verses for cure

My heart melted
when I saw the silver lining
Once again
It Brings Me Back to the days
Of glee
When I needed

A hand to hold
to walk on my Limbs
the soft hand assured me
to hold it forever

A hand to hold
to fly with my dreams
those hands assured me
to catch me if I ever fall

A hand to hold
in my most difficult times
those hands assured me
To be strong if I ever become weak

but now those hands are
Becoming weak and
slowly losing hopes
Striving for affection

And now it’s my time
to hold those hands
To give back the love
when it needs the most
To fulfill those hands with happiness

The bond of love never gets old
It become stronger and stronger
In the eternity
Of affection
bounds us all together
In the miracles

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