Self Care & Mental Health

Those who struggle with accepting others, begin with an inability to accept themselves.

Nova Namastè

When I was a child, I was told I’ll never know who I am.

That lie escaped the heart of a woman, battered and callused from her own pain.

I didn’t understand this vicious cycle, then; but, I see it now.

For this reason, I’m bringing you this lesson.

When we begin with ourselves, we change how we see the rest of the world.

When we face our own insecurities, we’ll face the truth AND the lie. We’ll distinguish their difference. We’ll choose the truth or the lie.

When we decide truth, we decide based on loyalty to our truth. It’s, then, that we see that confidence in others. It’s then, that we seek people who hold that confidence. It’s, then, that we can accept those who may not see it.

It’s then, that we…

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