Receiving unemployment cost me healthcare coverage.

Disabled Girl On Fire

Do you remember when I wrote about corona giving me financial stability for the first time? Well, let’s walk that back a bit.

A giant stack of paperwork just showed up after my recent Medicaid renewal and after several back and forths it turns out the government gives with one hand, and takes with the other. Due to the unemployment being counted as income for the purpose of Medicaid, my spend down (aka deductible) is now over $7,000.

I have Medicare as my primary, so I have 80/20 coverage with them, but Medicaid won’t kick in until I pay $7k out of pocket because of the unemployment income I received. I am fortunate in that I saved as much as possible of that unemployment money.

If I become ill and incur large bills, I will have that $7k to pay the deductible, but that will be the vast majority of…

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