Someday, the Smog

Just A Poet

When I left the false

fold, the people

who knew me faded

into the darkness slowly,

their love vanished

with their steps

& their words brandished

a subtle scornful edge:

Nothing outright,

Nothing true,

Nothing new,

but I knew.

I was alone,

stranded in a strange

world where people

stared and stammered,

while their eyes wondered

& turned away;

They say ashes

will turn to beauty,

but all I could see were ashes

& ashes

& more ashes,

and the dimness

grew more dim,

but this darkness was only

a shadow of the real darkness.

And I knew the people who scorned

were trapped, and the trap

was so deep and wide and shrouded

that even the ones who knew

couldn’t see clearly, so I wished

I could speak but the words

dried up within me,

so I wrote and the words

became louder on the page

and His voice…

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