If Only I Could Love and Like Myself …

Don't Lose Hope

If only I could love and like myself …

But for so many people, this can feel impossible. It’s an uphill battle, and a constant, daily struggle to really love themselves, and to feel that they’re worthwhile. If this describes your life, I hope the following will help you:

1. Instead of thinking about everything that’s wrong with you, try to get into the habit of thinking about aspects of yourself you are happy with – and, perhaps, are even proud of. It can be something as simple as taking pleasure from a beautiful garden you have created; or a delicious meal you have cooked; or the fact that you are good at languages; or that people find you easy to be around.

2. Remind yourself that no-one is perfect. Everyone has flaws. For example, actresses and models often look good because people have spent hours on their appearance…

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