I’m just a normal human after all!

Work Wobbles

Imposter complex, low confidence, negativity and how to make your job and life harder than it needs to be

When I logged on to watch a webinar about Growth Mindset in January 2020, I wasn’t expecting my life to change so significantly as a result. I certainly hadn’t anticipated exposing my insecurities to an audience of dozens. Growth Mindset is something that I hadn’t previously come across, in spite of my daughter’s school recently starting to use this concept in their teaching. Somebody with a Growth Mindset learns from their mistakes quickly and moves on, likes feedback and believes that they can learn anything with practice. In contrast, someone with a Fixed Mindset believes that they’re either good at something or they’re not and that their ability is limited and potential is predetermined. They stick to what they know as they might fear making mistakes.

Before January 2020 I fell…

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