Pages that Burned

Hey Momma

 PAGES THAT BURNED  At first they’d thought him bizarre, until he’d literally taken it, too far. All the tell tale signs have been left, how the misogynist, het up his quest.  Pages of evil pen were turned, as naive, gentlewomen burned. Deviant; Heinrich Kramer,  the maniacal, insane fabler. in “Malleuse Maleficarum” of 1486,  he wrote how to incriminate a ‘witch’ He was found to be, brutal and malicious,  duly condemned by the church bishop. Obsessed with the sexuality of women, accusing them with devilry and sinning.  Over three centuries he’d preached; ‘Hammer of Witches’ conspiracy beliefs. You can imagine their screams, in silence, of the poor ladies, annihilated by violence. Blessed be, those medieval warrior women, a history of innocent females is now written. You can still hear the echo of those beliefs,  in quite a few modern conspiracy theories.  Heart breaking and tragic, but true…  that this could’ve been…

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