Word Switch

Hey Momma

 I’m not an astrologer, but the message is clear,
 stop before you reply, to those you hold dear. 
 When you see through another’s eyes,
 you’ll understand, there is a compromise.  

 Should you stay or should you walk?
 should you shut up, or should you talk?
 Words are a powerful spelling, 
 hexed into a kindness or yelling. 

 Your mouth is akin to a magic cauldron,
 heed those spells, before performing. 
 To answer or not? is an essential question,
 as Gemini full moon shares its chatty lesson.

 Everything we say and do,
 affects another's attitude. 
 Strive to listen and be nice,  
 is Gemini’s cosmic eclipse advice. 
 Victoria Healing ~ 27.11.2020

Are you ready for the Gemini full moon eclipse on November 30th?

Because this lunation will take place in chatty air sign Gemini’s territory, we’ll want to lean on our communication skills when it…

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