Thoughts: Back from the Doc

Quarry House

I went to the doctor today. I go again Monday.

Today was the normal stuff. I am a diabetic and so every quarter I get a round of tests and checkups to make sure I qualify for healthy and none of the dire things that eventually hit most all diabetics haven’t begun to happen. Next week I go for my one year after surgery cancer check.

I am in good shape the doc tells me. First time in years I didn’t get the “for a man your age.” added to the prognosis. Not that I am kidding myself. I am “a man my age” and that age is sixty five. Still, all the basics were good. Good heart rate. Good blood pressure. Good muscle tone and BMI. Diabeties A1C (the measurement they mostly use) is in the range of a non-diabetic. Oxygen level right where it should be.

It’s a…

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