Diagnosis (over ten years)

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I was first diagnosed with something which was OCD in 2008.
I was 22, and it was long overdue.

I’d basically had enough and had to go and see a consultant psychiatrist.

Since then however, I have had a diagnosis of psychotic depression.

I am also referring myself for an autism and ADHD assessment.
there isn’t really any significant bonuses this will create nowadays other than personal clarity.

there is autism in my family, more than I’ve thought about properly before, and I am almost certain it is underlying, potentially before the OCD manifested itself.

It doesn’t matter where any symptoms come from anymore, I have written a book that looks at my symptoms from a fresh perspective and attempts to utilise mindfulness meditation as an adjunct to therapy.

I’d just like to say I have a lot of love for the mental health and autistic community,

Hopefully my book…

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