Am I Doing This Right?

I’m 24 and just last week I was officially diagnosed with ADHD. Exciting news right? Realizing I had ADHD felt kind of similar to realizing I was gay. It’s like this big secret that your brain has been keeping from you your whole life, and once you and your brain have a chance to compare notes and put two and two together, a lot of things start making sense.

For example, all of the things that I chalked up to personal failures and flaws – the forgetting, the procrastination, the LOOSING EVERYTHING, the disorganization, the time blindness, the light and noise sensitivity – this is the shortlist but literally everything I just listed is a symptom of ADHD. These are things I struggled with my whole life, but I thought they were things everyone learned to manage – everyone except me. You know what’s crazy about that mindset? I have…

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