Personality Disorders

The Tiny Couch: Wellness for All

By Valerie Rice | November 19, 2020

There are numerous times someone walks into my office, is evaluated, and I know I can help them. And there are times I am paired up with someone who has a personality disorder. It isn’t that they can’t be helped, but that this particular type of disorder never goes away. Unlike most mental illnesses, this one is not a matter of treatment and remission, nor is it a chemical fi for alleviating symptoms. Personality Disorders require intense work and daily maintenance to control and maintain. I hope I didn’t just upset you; there is still hope. It is a matter of training yourself, and I can’t promise it gets all better because that would be lying, but an alleviation of symptoms is better than nothing.


Personality disorder, or PD, is a rare and incurable form of mental illness. This type…

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