Care Call systems

Has anyone got care call similar to this

I have one mainly used for my Epilepsy, except rather than have the pendant I have the bracelet.

If you haven’t got one the principal on the way they work is if the disabled person is in the house on their own there are up to two people they can call and they are called Main & Second caller. My Main Caller is my wife and the second caller is my daughter.

Now I have had this system for quite some time now and what i’m about to tell you has never happend before.

On Tuesday night going into Wednesday morning I couldn’t sleep and it was about 2am when i was lying flat on my stomach with wrist that hand bracelet on.

All of a sudden I heard this voice and living in an area where there are lots of houses I thought it was the sound of police radios, next thing i hear is my wives mobie ringing.

Yep you guessed it! it was care call to say I had pressed buton on bracelet