Hearing Aids

A few years ago, I had an Audiology appointment because I had a constant ringing in my ears. As a result of that appointment, it was discovered I had Tinnitus and I also lost twenty percent of my hearing.

Recently I had a review and discovered my hearing had got worse. I now wear Bluetooth hearing aids similar to the one in the image and Wow! what a difference they make with sound. Even the TV has got turned down.

The fact that the hearing aids are Bluetooth means they have a few advantages such as talking to people on your mobile where their voice comes through the hearing aid, and you can also listen to music the same way.

2 thoughts on “Hearing Aids

  1. Ruth Malcolm

    Did you have to pay for the Bluetooth hearing aids? Was this at the local hospital? This would be really useful for my husband but he was not given the option of anything other than a basic hearing aid, which are continually falling out when he removes his glasses.

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