The day Covid paid a visit

After approximately two and a half years and three vaccinations Covid has finally stopped by my house.

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My wife and carer started showing symptoms of it last night when visiting my daughter and her family, we thought it may be hay fever as my wife does suffer from that when pollen is high. That wasn’t the case

This morning she tested positive which has meant she has had to cancel a few things. I was also tested this morning but that came back negative but still have to cancel something for tonight at least because we’re both living in same house.

We have been told that we should keep our distance as much as possible and open windows for fresh air.

One of the events she has had to cancel is an evening invite to a wedding, something she was looking forward to.

My wife now housebound for 5 days and we both have to test every day until my wife is negative. Let’s just hope and pray I don’t get it because of my health issues!

One thought on “The day Covid paid a visit

  1. Ken, I hope you are able to avoid Covid’s exposure to your health. My wife and I weathered a similar journey, and finally the Covid lottery won out a few weeks ago. While we have recovered from our mild symptoms, the ordeal torpedoed our trip to see family in my native state of Montana.


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