A mother’s view on child diabetes

Writing poems is definitely not my strong point but here we go 👇 let me know what you think 💙

So here’s the thing about diabetes…

I feel like I’m ALWAYS learning!

And even when my child’s levels are good,

My stomach is still churning.

Some days we don’t know what to expect

We never know what the next few hours hold

And many people see things differently

“It gets easier” so I’m always told!

But I wait for those days,

And wonder if its just me?!

Or does it really feel like a juggling act

Where I’m constantly shouting “oh jee!!”

From hypos to hypers, and everything in between

We gotta ride the waves!

We take each bump with gratefulness

For insulin and the lives that it saves!

Because without this medicine,

My daughter wouldn’t be here!

And even though it’s a daily battle

Of fighting all the fear!

It’s changed our lives

For the better in many ways!

Without insulin, diabetes would be

Even more of a maze!

We’re so lucky to use an insulin pump

To keep our child alive!

And to be able to see her live a life

Where all she does is thrive!

Thats what is priceless

No matter what they say

Type 1 diabetes doesn’t define her

It just sometimes gets in the bloody way!

***Massive credit to Graham Edwards at GE-Photography for this stunning picture….captured at one of our latest photo shoots! I absolutely LOVE it!!***

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