What Most Offends YOU About How People Treat Epilepsy?

Interesting read from someone with the condition. I’ve never named mine but your right ignorance & discrimination is common

Epilepsy Talk

I call epilepsy the “stealth condition,” because most people don’t actually witness a seizure.

Which results in an abundance of ignorance…misinformation..and to be frank, discrimination and slurs.

There’s the imitation of someone having a seizure (big on T.V.)…bullying and name calling in the schoolyard…people turning their backsonce they find out you have the big “E.”

You might as well have leprosy!(No folks, contrary tomyth, it’s not catching!)

A pet peeve of mineisbeing treated as a pariah.

Public serviceorganizations and businesses politely refuse my offer to giveapresentation. Heaven forbid I upset their audience — during lunch!

There’s the stigma of employment, where what you disclose about your epilepsy determines your future.

And the feeling that if you have epilepsy, you can’t be expected to achieve anything. (My parents almost died when I graduated from college Magna Cum Laude!)

We constantly have to stand up for ourselves, endure ignorance, and advocate…

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