Brain freeze of a different kind

Having Epilepsy I quite often suffer from what I call ‘Brain freeze’. I have to admit that this is something I find rather frustrating.

There are two things that can add to the frustration.

  • 1 When someone is trying to tell me something and there is noise in the background loud enough that I can still hear the person but my brain cannot take the information in.
  • 2 The other frustrating thing for me is when I am trying to tell someone something and all of a sudden I can’t go any further because I have temporarily developed this “Brain freeze” where I can’t get the word I’m thinking of from my brain to my mouth.

I have even known to take one of these brain freeze things sitting at my pc where spend most of my time, I come round but after a little confusion I carry on doing what I was doing.

Last night was different though. Last night I was looking for something on Google with my mobile. Then all of a sudden I realised I had the app on the mobile. This is when this Brain freeze I’ve never experienced before started because I couldn’t for some reason find the app I was looking for.

Next thing I know I could feel my eyes getting heavier by the second I’m still trying to look, until I just had give up and go to sleep.

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