Anxious Thoughts

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This is a poem that was never finished. It was written during an episode of intense anxiety. I thank God that it passed, so I never finished writing it. I’m a religious teenage girl, so I reference God in most of my poems. If anyone can relate to any feelings that I’ve had, I hope this helps them.

Struggling To Breathe

I’m feeling so scared,
I can’t breathe but I must.
Thinking so many thoughts,
Trying so hard to trust.

These fears are irrational,
But I can’t make them stop.
I just wish that they’d leave,
That my heart rate would drop.

I can’t catch my breath,
My heart’s running a race,
Against my emotions,
Struggling to keep pace.

I struggle to breathe,
But each sound makes it worse.
My world seems so dark,
I’m trying to reverse.

Away from the triggers,
Away from the pain,
All my muscles are tense,
Why can’t it be explained?

There is no good reason,
But I can’t press pause.
I don’t think this is normal,
I can’t find the cause.

God, I need you,
I can’t live on my own
You’re the only one who knows
Where my fears are sewn.

Why do they come?
What’s the cause of this pain?
I want to let go,
But I can’t just the same.

I try to calm down,
But my fears just won’t quit.
I can’t find air to breathe.
I’m stuck in this pit.

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