About Me

Hi my name is Ken and I was born in November 1960 with Cerebral Palsy. It wasn’t until I reached the ages of 11/12yrs old I developed Epilepsy which is no more or less controlled by medication..

I am married with a daughter and I am Grandfather to a beautiful Granddaughter.

On top of this site the main site I run is Ken’s Devotion’s on this link https://kenschristiandevotions.com

Apart from blogging I have many other hobbies.  My other hobbies are my pc, music & watching TV I also enjoy taking photos, although i’m no photographer.

You will have gathered that from the title of my other site I am a person who loves the Lord. I am in fact a member of The Salvation Army here in the UK where I play a brass instrument in the band and sing in what we in the salvation army call our Songsters, I also play a keyboard despite my cerebral palsy.

About this site

As the heading indicates this is a disability site aimed at people with Epilepsy & Cerebral Palsy, although the fact that epilepsy involves the brain and comes under Mental Health I am open to other people with other mental health issues such as Bipolar for example to follow this site.