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Reposted Chapter 3: The Big One

Originally posted on Seizure Mama and Rose:
Seizure number thirteen was different. Rose was four years and three months old. Her first febrile seizure had occurred when she was eighteen months old. All her seizures thus far had been accompanied with illness and fever. This one was different. There was no fever. There was no…

Bookend: She’s Evolving

Originally posted on The Alien Blogs:
I have trust issues. As most of you who did read the She’s Evolving posts before this one could tell. I have abandonment issues. I’ve worked on them. Thought I had gotten through them by the time I had met the last guy. And I had. I really had.…

Epilepsy & Memory problems

Memory is commonly reported as a big area of concern for people with epilepsy. If you have epilepsy, your memory can be affected in several ways. In each case, the end result will be that you cannot recall an event or a piece of information when you need it. Problems Of Attention And Encoding Memory …

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