What I Learned 🤦🏼‍♀️

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

Dear Friends-

I have spent the last two days working this new WordPress block editing!

Unapologetically, I even told customer service what I believe to be a consensus among the masses.

  1. We users don’t need them to reinvent the wheel.
  2. Making all these sudden changes, at once, is infuriating.
  3. Basically, forcing us to edit through the “WP Admin Dashboard” [desktop view] because it is where this new “Editor Beta” is found, is an exceedingly inconvenient those who prefer to edit on iPads or iPhones.

I understand the frustration. Maybe, this is overwhelming and frustrating to me because it’s super relevant to my business envedor. Their success is a result of our spending and usage. I know that. Maybe they need to hear this a bit more.

Well, I just needed to make you all aware so you were blindsided, like myself. I’ll help if possible, if you need it.


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