Please understand that when a type 1 Diabetic or someone who has low blood sugar goes into a (Hypo) they are not drunk but will act very much like it. Most of us with type 1 will find it very embarrassing ecp in public facing jobs to make people aware that their blood sugar is dropping. Hypos are very serious , and starves oxygen to the brain, this can result in a lot of complications if the person doesn’t treat it on time, or can’t get fast help, and can be fatal. If someone you know at work, or in your life has type 1 diabetes or low blood sugar please always check in on them, as this can prevent them from not speaking out and trying to let it pass. Do not assume if they hit the floor and take a fit or seizure that they need insulin or to give them a shot of their pen this can kill them. Phone 999 immediately and seek medical advice explaining the person has type 1 or low blood sugar. Pass this on. Far to many kids are becoming type 1 and are scared or feel weak to admit in front of friends when they are low.

Karen McKinnel

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