The time … Sundays should be banned.

Ellie the Crunch

Sundays are not happy days for us.

Sundays is when daddy is home and if the kids make too much noise he gets angry.

Funny, not so funny, enough I grew up with a father like that. He always wished to live alone in quiet, guess what? That’s how he lives now. Is he happy? Doubt it.

This morning we met with the Rabbi for the first time. My older was in Sunday school and we put the little one to watch Paw Patrol.

He was here for about 2 hours and spoke mostly to my husband.

When he left the anger started building up again.

My little one turned 3 today (based on the Hebrew calendar) and we have him a few gifts. He was cranky though because he doesn’t eat properly so he was whining/ crying … anybody who has toddlers knows that whining/ crying is common. My…

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