Why does christmas betray my bipolar mind?

bipolar bear and me

I guess you know the scenario: Christmas is around the corner. The advent calendars are counting down to family time and endless amounts of food. Someone has been stressing around to shop “the essentials” for the perfect dinner. But something is off. Your head.

Your head has kept you in hypomania for months and you can’t relax for even a minute. When you have packed gifts and clothes for a couple of days, your body goes in stress mode. High puls, heart in your throat, and pressure for your chest.

Finally you arrive to your Christmas destination where everyone is set for a nice time. Then your head fails you again. You get tired. Fall asleep at random times and random places. Your head is confused. You get agitated and angry.

Then your family starts noticing: “now you are sleeping again, huh?”

After some days your head starts relaxing on…

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