In case of glass, break fire!

Relax, It's Natural!

Accessories. It’s what brings things together. Hell, it’s what we think about with almost anything we do and make. What can I accessorize these items with or my car with? Maybe you want to get a dope ass stash box and wonder what cool accessories come with it, right? That would be dope. Mix and match some compartments and what not. Does that exist? Someone make that if it doesn’t or maybe it does and it just hasn’t hit my radar yet. Moving on. Today, I don’t wanna talk about one specific accessory, we are going to be talking accessories! Oh yes, I’m finally gonna break down the contents of my “Happy Kit” to you silly sallies! Of course, what’s in mine may not necessarily and vice versa. You might not even have one or know what I’m even talking about right now, do you? Don’t worry, all will become…

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